Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tenerife 2013

We've just returned from Tenerife tanned and relaxed, to the last of the snow, if we'd stayed away 2 more days we'd have successfully missed all of it - as it was our landing was scary as we had to circle for an hour while they ploughed us a runway and our drive home took 2 hours rather than the normal one as it was midnight and thick blizzard - no ploughs or gritters in sight very scary and hard to suddenly adapt to after 2 weeks in shorts.
We had a lovely holiday in Tenerife although the economic downturn was evident in lots of boarded up shops and closed down restaurants which looked just like here at home - a bit of a shock. We stayed in a nice apartment in a small very quiet residential area and without a car and very little spending money we amused ourselves by walking every inch of the 2 nice coastal nature reserves, between banana plantations and rocky coast, climbed a couple of dormant volcanoes and even scaled a sheer cliff path which everyone kept telling us was really difficult so we felt a huge sense of achievement. We were rather disappointed that the local bus service we had been told about wasn't very accessible as it was a workers' bus at 6 am ( a bit too early)  or 2pm a bit too late for a day out and if you missed it there was a 1 hour walk to and from the main road to the bus stop at the beginning and end of your day out if we hadn't loved hiking so much we'd have been stranded.
It was around a 3 hour walk across hills and up and down cliffs to the nearest bigger resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Galletas but we did walk to and back from both a couple of times.
We managed one coach trip we went on what they call a blanket tour where you get a coach trip that you'd normally pay around £35 to 50 Euros each for for just 10 Euros and they throw in a free lunch too! In return for this at the beginning of your tour you have to sit through an hour long demonstration of bedding products which they hope you'll buy but there's no hard sell or pressure and we had a fabulous day touring the pine forests, up past mount Teide and lots of different scenery which ended up with a trip on a Pirate boat with Sangria and the most amazing display from a pod of spotted dolphins. What a brilliant day out and all for just 10 Euros amazing value I'd highly recommend Miller travel tours to anyone going to the Canaries don't be put off by the demo its worth sitting through they looked after us every step of the way.
We also had a day out at the nearby Monkey Sanctuary which was a lovely day out too, we had heard a few mixed reports but as an ex RSPCA worker I was very impressed with the facilities and the animals all looked very happy, healthy and cared for and it was great to be able to handle the small monkeys and lemurs - although I did manage to get bitten by a ring tailed lemur - there's not many holidays where you can say that!
I'll update this with some photos very soon.
We didn't eat out often mainly self catered from the local supermarket enjoying eating simple meals on our sunny verandah but there was a great Chinese restaurant nearby where we had a couple of lovely meals and a Pastelaria/ cafe where we went most days for a coffee or ice cream and to use the free wifi as the wifi we were promised in our apartment didn't exist (neither did the dvd player/ Ipod dock and air conditioning !!)

Here are the parrots at the Monkey Park in Guaza

This is the naughty little Ring tailed lemur who bit my hand!

Brian feeding a little Monkey

And feeding a lemur

Me on one of our many walks in the nearby nature reserves

Up in the Mountains on our coach trip

Volcanic rock formations with Mount Teide (volcano) in background

Me on the boat trip just after we saw dolphins which were so swift and playful I didn't get any photos of them I was too entranced enjoying watching them.

The harbour at Los Cristianos

Brian after we climbed up from Los Cristanos to walk back to our resort

The view from the top of the cliff we climbed and our resort Palm Mar below

Me looking relieved we'd made it after our climb

Another path we liked to walk, the Guaza plateau with Teide in the distance

The cliff path from the pebble beach at Palm Mar


Joan Hill said...

It sounds as though you had a marvellous time. Your photos are really lovely. Los Christianos has changed so much - we last stayed there in 1988, at the Princessa Dacil. It has certainly changed a lot since then, when it was a quiet fishing resort. We knew it had developed - almost merged into Las Americas, as we had a holiday in Praia Pariso 10 years later and revisited Los Chris - we could scarecely recognise it then. You've brought back some fond family memories, so thanks for sharing.

xHelloJackiex said...
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